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Keep computers updated to prevent sleepless nights over malware

The concern over the impact of the WannaCry ransomware, including the news that some IT engineers had to pull all-nighters to keep the infection at bay, seems unnecessary (Gone phishing... So, everyone, on guard; May 21).

The patch to counter the vulnerability exposed by the malware was released in March. If servers and computers were updated, managed and maintained in a timely and efficient manner, there would not have been a need for anyone to pull an all-nighter.

System integrators, internal IT teams and managed IT service providers who are proactive in their approach would not have had any Monday blues or seen amajor increase in support calls following the emergence of the malware. It is all a matter of putting in place the right procedures for the management and maintenance of servers and computers.

Rather than take the "shock and awe" approach to reporting on this incident, it might be better to highlight cases where properly maintained servers and computers successfully negated the impact of WannaCry. Readers and business owners would come away with better insights on best practices.

Roy Ong Ban Guan

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