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Joy of learning is the best gift

I am delighted about the impending changes to the education system (Evolution in Education: Learning to see beyond grades; Oct 7 ).

Studying is not just about achieving good scores to compete with others. The idea of this race among students will create an environment unsuitable for learning and is very likely to result in an aversion to learning altogether when a student graduates.

Academic achievement is only one of the reasons we go to school; we also go to school to learn to interact with peers, to discover our passions and most importantly, to make ourselves useful citizens to society.

I believe helping students to find the joy of learning is the best gift teachers can give to students. The goal of education should be to nurture "society-ready" students as opposed to "exam-ready" students, who have excellent exam-taking skills but are not capable of appreciating the joy of learning.

Hai Oufan, 17

JC1 student

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