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Join the army, protect Singapore

Singapore is now commemorating 50 years of national service.

For five decades, there has been talk about how young men should not be enlisted into the army against their will.

However, Singaporeans must understand that it is our duty to protect our own land and eliminate all external threats.

Young men must have the mindset that they are going to bear the responsibility of protecting Singapore, and thus show a greater fighting spirit.

Singapore is not guaranteed to be safe from terrorist attacks. The threat is coming nearer, as seen especially from the recent battle of Marawi in the Philippines.

National servicemen must be truly committed to defending our home, and staying strong and united.

Women should also be encouraged to join the armed forces. With the contributions of both young men and women, Singapore would only stand stronger against any crisis that threatens our safety.

Lim Si En, 16, Secondary 4 student

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