It's the collective effort of govt that matters

The comment by Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong that the country needs to identify Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's successor by this year has drawn many views (ESM Goh says 4G leadership an urgent challenge; Jan 2).

The Cabinet is going for a reshuffle soon. Would the reshuffle reveal who the next prime minister will be?

Singaporeans do not play a direct part in determining the next PM. Regardless, citizens would want to see the selection process as transparent, vigorous and fair, so that the best man would be selected and the public convinced, likewise.

We do not expect our next PM to possess the same kind of strong and stern leadership as our first PM Lee Kuan Yew, who transformed Singapore from a Third World to a First World nation.

Many citizens may not desire that kind of leadership in today's Singapore anyway.

Since Singapore's independence, we have developed a cohesive and collaborative governance and decision-making system in our Government.

The system, though not perfect, has weathered many ups and downs in the last few decades and is one of the most admired around the world.

The public hopes that the quality of the Government will keep on improving. The next PM will play an important part in this respect.

The leadership quality of the new PM counts, but it is the collective effort of the Government that matters most.

Albert Ng Ya Ken

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