It's not just about noise from aircraft

Mr Jonathan Tan Hock Guan missed the point in his response (Residents must understand air force's constraints; Aug 22) to my letter on Aug 19 (Planes flying too low in Punggol).

It is not the noise from the aircraft, but rather the height at which the planes fly that is important.

We are talking about lives here and not about levels of intolerance since planes flying too low around densely built-up areas is always a big concern.

Pilots, regardless of their professionalism, are still human and just one accident will lead to very grave consequences.

Do we really want to wait for an accident to occur before doing something?

I am aware of the space constraints Singapore faces, hence my letter urging the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) to at least consider its flying methods, if not doing away with flying completely in the area.

I believe that the many families living here will be grateful to the RSAF if, in the course of adjusting the flight methods, there is at least additional relief from the noise generated.

Chua Bee Yen (Madam)

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