It's basic courtesy to give way to emergency vehicles


Every few days while I am on my way to work on the Central Expressway, I will witness the frustrating and selfish acts of fellow motorists when they encounter an emergency vehicle.

Behaviour that I have seen includes speeding up rather than changing lanes to give way to the emergency vehicle; signalling but making no attempt to change lanes promptly; and refusing to give way to other motorists who are giving way to emergency vehicles.

I don't think this needs a public education campaign - it's basic common sense and public spiritedness.

In medical emergencies, a few minutes could make the difference between life and death.

I urge the authorities to grant ambulance drivers the right to capture on their ambulance cameras errant motorists who hog lanes or refuse to give way .

These motorists should be taken to task.

Dr Kalaiyarasi Kaliyaperumal

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