It's affordable healthcare that matters

I am a bit more sensitive to cost - how money is spent and what a good buy is.

Recently, I brought my father to the Admiralty Medical Centre for an eye check-up.

I was impressed by how open and beautiful the place looked.

The inside was bright because of the huge glass windows.

Everything was well laid out and the carpentry work was excellent.

The chairs were made of attractive wood with nice upholstery.

Surely, all this comes at a cost.

It made me wonder how much was spent building this medical centre.

It is even nicer than many private hospitals and clinics.

I can see that the Government is spending on us. This is good but we ought to ask ourselves how we can make national healthcare and other services affordable to all.

Nice things do not come cheap. So there must be a balance.

NTUC FairPrice was formed to put people first and wipe out price wars among small provision shop in the late 70s.

They are supposed to be setting the price for all products, but many can see that their prices these days are not necessarily low.

There is no government body to question why a product can be repriced overnight.

Everything seems to have followed suit.

The GST has gone up and the prices of all things have gone up.

Cost-cutting in the government sector should be practised at all times to keep things affordable, good and practical.

Penny Tan Kim Heong (Ms)

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