Forum: Isn't it illegal to spread condo resident's details?

Condominiums near Punggol MRT station on August 30, 2019. ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

I have lived in condominiums for over 20 years and have seen several incidents where residents abuse the security guards.

As a condo council member, I have had to deal with such incidents.

However, they never went to the police and we never publicised details of the incident or of the people involved.

While I fully agree that the resident had no right to abuse the security guard with whom he had an altercation, I fail to understand why no one is talking about the person or people who published this person's details - where he lives, where he works et cetera (Condo resident who verbally abused security supervisor apologises to him, Oct 31).

Isn't the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act supposed to curtail acts of doxxing such as this?

This man's life has been made miserable by the online vitriol of so many people and he is now being investigated by the police - for rudeness?

I am really surprised at so much interest directed at this one incident, which is by no means an isolated one.

Seetha Sharma

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