Is it safe to use mobile phones in petrol stations?

Fuel retailer Caltex recently launched South-east Asia's first phone app-based fuel payment system here which allows users to pay for their fuel without getting out of their vehicles (Pump and pay without leaving car; Sept 26).

In many parts of the world, the usage of mobile phones in petrol stations is strictly forbidden due to the highly flammable nature of petrol.

I hope the Singapore Civil Defence Force, Land Transport Authority and National Environment Agency can enlighten the public about the safety of using mobile phones within and around the vicinity of a petrol station. Is it an acceptable practice?

No incidents here so far of fires in petrol stations caused by mobile phones do not mean there will not be one in the future.

Many petrol stations are built in residential areas and any fire will be catastrophic to residents.

Allowing the use of mobile phones for payment clearly sends the signal that it is all right to use them in petrol stations.

Samuel Lim Hak Tik

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