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Iron Fist a show for the fans

As an avid comic book reader and fan of the Iron Fist series, I was disappointed that the media were prevented from asking questions at the press conference (All smiles, but no questions, please; April 1).

I found the Netflix series enjoyable and not how critics described it to be.

While some people have doubts about a white man playing a character who is skilled in Chinese martial arts, I thought it was just an attempt to stay true to the comic books.

The fact that there were other non-white and Chinese cast members, including Jessica Henwick, Wai Ching Ho and Lewis Tan, is appealing.

The show also did a good job introducing the concept of martial arts to the audience.

It is not a show for critics to analyse, but for fans to appreciate. Its value cannot be defined by a numerical approval rating.

A good show provides the audience with an interesting plot and memorable characters.

I believe Iron Fist achieved that, with its female lead being portrayed as a strong-willed and powerful woman that young girls can look up to, a villain redemption story arc, relatable characters, and a realistic portrayal of social issues.

Lee Zhi Jun , 15, Secondary 4 student

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