Involve optometrists in diabetes detection, eye health

The Diabetes Resource Centre, located in the heartland, is an excellent initiative to encourage the public to take responsibility for their health ("One-stop centre to help fight diabetes launched"; Nov 28).

As diabetes is a disease which affects every part of the body that has a blood vessel network and nerve supply, complications of diabetes, such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy (bleeding and/or swelling of the retina) and neuropathy (nerve damage), can occur.

Optometrists are trained to detect such conditions and refer patients to medical professionals for timely medical attention.

The inclusion of an eyesight check is an important part of diabetes detection and management.

However, having just the eyesight check does not exclude the possibility of other eye problems, such as glaucoma and retinal degeneration, which can affect vision towards the later stages.

These eye conditions also become more prevalent in an ageing population.

The Singapore Optometric Association advises the public to take care of their eye health by involving their optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam.

Koh Liang Hwee (Dr)


Singapore Optometric Association

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