Invest in staff's families to raise engagement

Singapore's performance in Aon Hewitt's recent Global Engagement Employee Report is a timely reminder for employers to find more effective ways to engage their workforce (Singapore employees least engaged in Asia, study finds; March 27).

Gallup's Q12 Meta-Analysis last year showed that such employees are more productive and motivated to achieve organisational goals.

As our economy is heavily reliant on human capital, employee engagement is a necessity and not a choice.

It fuels organisational growth and ensures the well-being of our workforce.

Research shows that in addition to compensation and career development prospects, employees desire to successfully navigate between their home lives and career.

Employers can maximise employee engagement if they also invest in the family lives of their staff, simply because work and family are naturally linked.

For example, a local study found that family tensions at home can negatively impact employees' workplace performance.

Employee engagement initiatives that help employees to have stronger family relationships and manage work-life stress can range from counselling services to courses on marriage, parenting and work-life skills.

When employers recognise the importance of their employees having strong families, they will reap the benefits of high employee engagement for their own organisation.

It makes good business sense to invest in employees' family life - strong families make strong companies.

Joanna Koh-Hoe (Mrs)
CEO and Work-Life Consultant
Focus on the Family Singapore

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