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Introduce fuel cell cars in Singapore

An increasing number of people are purchasing hybrid and all-electric cars in Singapore.

Even though they are fuel-efficient, this does not change the fact that both types of cars still contribute to air pollution.

However, there are better alternatives, such as cars operated by hydrogen fuel cells.

Also known as fuel cell cars, these cars are engine-less.

It might sound impractical but, unlike conventional cars which run on petrol or diesel, fuel cell cars combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, which then runs one or more motors in the vehicle.

These cars emit only water instead of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. This helps to reduce pollution drastically, and also reduces the use of fossil fuels.

Refuelling is also very simple.

About 10 car manufacturers around the world have either already produced or are working on fuel cell cars.

Singapore could start trying these cars out by using them as taxis. We should also introduce new hydrogen-fuelling stations for these cars.

Bikes, trucks, lorries and even military vehicles can also benefit from this fuel-cell technology, making Singapore a cleaner and greener city.

Ron Kappen, 15

Secondary 4 student

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on June 27, 2018, with the headline 'Introduce fuel cell cars in Singapore'. Subscribe