Interns' pay shows how much firms value them

It seems that there is no standard policy on internship allowances and salaries in Singapore (Interns here can get up to $5k monthly, data shows; May 4).

I have heard that some firms in the legal industry do not pay their interns - not even a small allowance - because there is a surplus of lawyers.

Interns should be paid an amount commensurate with the work they are doing, which will go some way in helping them meet daily expenses.

Companies should view interns as possible future full-time employees and give them opportunities to demonstrate their potential. After all, those selected for internships are likely the ones who have good academic abilities and talent.

Interns need to know that the company is prepared to invest in their career.

The opportunities for leadership development and the allowances and salaries given show how much a company values its interns.

Frankie Mao

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