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Instil love of reading from young age

While many of us acknowledge the benefits of reading, the main problem we face is the lack of time (Reading gives brain a workout; June 6).

In school, less time is allocated to reading, and more time is given to subjects such as maths and science.

Outside school, students are usually too occupied with their homework and enrichment classes to read.

Adults are also busy with their work and with taking care of their families. Any spare time left is usually spent on relaxation.

One way to overcome this is by cultivating the habit of reading from a young age.

The habit will prove to be useful as children grow up and are required to do more readings for school. It will also follow them as they enter adulthood.

If children are able to find joy in reading, they are more likely to make time to read.

Soh Yi Lin, 15, Secondary 4 student

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