Install bicycle racks on buses

Singapore's push to go car-light is laudable, but any effort to discourage the use of private vehicles must be complemented with initiatives that support alternative modes of transport.

In this regard, I believe that more can be done to encourage cycling, which is one of the most efficient means of transport.

Currently, only foldable bicycles are permitted on buses and trains.

I would like to urge the authorities and bus companies to install bicycle racks on buses to accommodate non-foldable bicycles.

The idea of bicycle racks is not novel.

Numerous cities around the world already have bus fleets equipped with bicycle racks.

The installation of bicycle racks will encourage more people to adopt cycling, as they no longer have to worry about making the entire return journey on bicycle.

This is especially pertinent in Singapore's climate, featuring warm humid days with sudden and frequent storms.

For instance, one may now cycle to his destination and take a bus home should there be a sudden storm.

While it is true that the mounting and dismounting of bicycles will prolong the time that a bus remains at a bus stop, this is arguably a minuscule price to pay.

After all, buses were never intended to be an expeditious mode of transport for people in a hurry.

If we truly wish to foster a cycling culture, we should seriously consider accommodating bicycles on public transport.

This will go a long way towards making Singapore more cycling-friendly.

Francis Tay

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on November 14, 2017, with the headline 'Install bicycle racks on buses'. Subscribe