Innovation must come with responsibility

Almost everyone will agree that most innovations stem from divergent or disruptive thinking or behaviour.

Bike-sharing is a good example of an idea born out of divergence (Bike-sharing chaos and out-of-the-box thinking; July 22).

But I do not consider irresponsible or inconsiderate acts, such as the indiscriminate parking of shared bikes, as "divergent thinking".

A cluster of bikes in a certain area might give a clue about a hydration spot or resting area.

But the same message can be conveyed through orderly parking as well.

Innovation must exhibit basic elements of responsibility and consideration.

Singapore's policies are keenly observed and mimicked by others in the global arena. We should strive to be a responsible innovator.

Unchecked divergence can only be bad for society as a whole.

Ramamurthy Mahesh Kumar

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