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Inject buzz into existing capital ventures

Editor-at-large Han Fook Kwang's commentary last Sunday highlights how we should be prepared for the future (''What it takes to get the economy buzzing"), even as turbulence in both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, coupled with the steep plunging of oil prices, continues to create ripples all over the world

As Mr Han wrote, we need "dynamic individuals with innovative ideas and the ability to turn them into workable businesses" and "skilled, enterprising workers".

Despite having a promising economy, Singapore has fallen short in this respect.

Amplifying already existing capital ventures is the most decisive way in which individuals can be motivated to invest in start-ups, which will spearhead growth in the business sector.

Should they be successful, people will naturally change their attitudes and update their skills so that they can reach out even further. But the first domino has to fall in line for the others to follow suit.

Existing firms should give workers the opportunity to feel special and responsible. The initiative and attitude towards work will inevitably evolve for the better.

All top managers should know that sharing their vision will not only make themselves happy but also inspire their subordinates to follow in their footsteps.

Shivani Ekkanath (Ms)

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