Increase enforcement presence against errant e-scooter riders

It was with a heavy heart that I read that an 11-year-old girl had been knocked down by an e-scooter in Pasir Ris (E-scooter rider arrested for knocking down 11-year-old girl in Pasir Ris; ST Online, April 13).

How many more people need to be injured by errant e-scooter riders?

The authorities need to step up during this interim period when policies are being drawn to tackle the e-scooter problem.

A leaf can be taken from the construction industry's book.

Construction firms have to abide by strict rules to prevent accidents at the workplace. The Ministry of Manpower adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards accidents.

This model should be emulated when dealing with e-scooters. We should not stint on spending money for this, as lives are at stake.

We should not wait for an accident to happen before we do something to protect lives; what would be the point when injuries or deaths have already occurred?

We must be aggressive in enforcing the law on errant e-scooter riders. A task force should be set up to patrol the streets daily.

It is the lack of presence of enforcement teams that emboldens e-scooter riders, making them think they can get away with dangerous behaviour.

I strongly urge the authorities to increase the presence of enforcement officers and to maintain a zero-tolerance view towards e-scooter accidents.

Tay Lay Cheong

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