Forum: Increase capacity, frequency of NUS campus bus service

Students boarding a National University of Singapore (NUS) shuttle bus.
Students boarding a National University of Singapore (NUS) shuttle bus.PHOTO: ST FILE

More can be done by the National University of Singapore (NUS) administration to prevent further cases of molestation on its internal bus service (Ex-NUS lecturer jailed 14 weeks for molesting student, Oct 18). Some incidents may have gone unreported owing to embarrassment or lack of proof.

The internal shuttle service seems inadequate for NUS staff, students and the public, since the buses are so packed that people end up touching others, by accident or by design.

The risk of personal injury to passengers is also high - a bus may stop suddenly as it navigates the undulating roads on campus.

One solution is to increase the frequency and capacity of the service during peak periods.

If the road network cannot cope, stop private car traffic during these periods and allow only buses and emergency vehicles on the campus roads. Private car drivers should park at designated carparks and walk or take the shuttle bus to their final destinations.

The problem of overcrowded buses at NUS is not new.

When my wife and I were undergraduates in the early 1980s, we walked everywhere rather than take the bus, in which passengers would be packed like sardines in a can. My daughters also avoided the shuttle bus in their years at Kent Ridge.

The administrators need to go beyond providing pastoral support for victims: Ensure that the environment and infrastructure are safe for the campus population.

Chng Poh Hwa

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