Incorporate more coding in curriculum

The Government's initiative to spark interest in technology and build an army of coders has got me excited (Pocket-size gadget for 100,000 potential coders; April 14).

Hands-on activities such as this are one of the most effective ways of exposing students to coding.

I have attended coding camps, which not only opened my eyes to its possibilities but also developed my love for technology and a passion for innovation.

Many of my peers could relate to computing only after experiencing it for themselves, so I believe the micro:bit initiative will encourage more students to work in this area.

However, this initiative is but the first step in grooming the next generation of workers capable of building a smart nation. There is definitely more that can be done.

On an immersion trip to China, I noticed that schools there incorporated computing into the curriculum, such that students are assessed on their coding skills.

Perhaps our schools can offer long-term courses for those who are interested, if not for all students, to stretch their learning beyond one-off workshops.

With more such initiatives, we can better prepare for the digital future.

Wong Ying Yee, 16, Secondary 4 student