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Inclusivity amid tech advancement

I am heartened to learn that there are facilities in Changi Airport's Terminal 4 to accommodate the disabled (T4 designed with features to help disabled navigate new facility with ease; ST Online, July 25).

This reflects the Government's move towards making Singapore a more inclusive society.

Many of the facilities in Terminal 4 were introduced after feedback from participants with disabilities who took part in an operational trial of the new terminal.

Singapore has always actively promoted inclusivity.

One example of this is the change in Singapore's presidential election to allow all races to be represented in the office from time to time.

The National Day Parade celebration last year highlighted the need for an inclusive nation by including over 150 special needs participants from seven voluntary welfare organisations.

This year's NDP also featured musicians with different types of disabilities performing together.

Discrimination against the disabled is still anchored in the social fabric of South-east Asia, where people still perceive having disabilities as "shameful" or "embarrassing".

Inclusivity highlights the importance of promoting integration in our nation so that this mentality will change.

Teo Kai Ting, 16

Secondary 4 student

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