Include cyber security when teaching seniors digital skills

A class of older Singaporeans attending Microsoft Powerpoint lessons.
A class of older Singaporeans attending Microsoft Powerpoint lessons.PHOTO: ST FILE

Older people who embrace technology as a lifelong learning process are likely to remain relevant (100 free workshops to equip seniors with basic digital skills, July 11).

Seniors must make every effort to attend free workshops where they will learn basic digital skills which can help them overcome the digital divide. Age is not a liability; it is a matter of interest and desire.

It is good that the elderly learn digital skills which will level the playing field for them and let them better connect and communicate as well as be active members of the community, including finding gainful employment.

It is also good to know that these computer courses are specially designed to cater to the various learning needs of participants, ranging from Internet search engines to lifestyle-related topics such as mobile devices.

There is something suitable for each senior.

One important topic which should not be ignored is safety measures on the Internet, and participants should be taught how to keep their personal information private as there are dangers such as computer viruses.

Living in a fast-paced digital age, seniors should be encouraged to show keener interest in integrating infocomm technology into their lifestyle.

This is important to all Singaporeans who should be prepared to be digitally ready.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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