Impose carpark fee at parks only during peak hours

Mr Sia Chuan Han's letter made a very good point ("Parks should offer free parking"; last Saturday).

My husband and I are in our 70s and have been exercising at East Coast Park every morning for more than 20 years. We are there at 6am and leave the carpark by 8.30am.

We parked our car free at carpark C1 for many years until the beginning of this month, when a gantry was installed to impose parking fees round the clock.

I do not see any logic in imposing a fee so early when each morning, when we arrive at the carpark at 6am, it is almost empty.

To avoid paying the parking fee, we now park our car on the road shoulder.

Like Mr Sia, we hope the authorities can look into the matter and consider imposing the fee from, say, 9am onwards instead of the full 24 hours.

This will help ease the financial burden of older folk who have been exercising at East Coast Park, as well as at other parks, for many years.

Jessy Leow Siew Kim (Madam)

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