Important to protect whistle-blowers

I agree with assistant news editor Abdul Hafiz that the role of a whistle-blower is critical in keeping charitable organisations in check ("Saga highlights crucial role of whistle-blower"; Thursday).

However, there is no onus on anyone to be a whistle-blower, especially when the act of whistle-blowing means one may be subjected to peer pressure, public backlash and negative scrutiny.

Due to possible unfavourable consequences, many may hold back and leave the situation be.

Mr Roland Poon in the City Harvest Church case is a good example.

How do we comprehend the negativism he must have encountered when he voiced out what he believed was not right?

The authorities should put in place a regulation where identities of whistle-blowers should be protected and not made known to the public or to the organisations they are blowing the whistle on, until investigations are completed and the verdict is out.

This may encourage more to come forward and voice any discrepancy there may be in any charitable organisation.

Annie Ng Lee Hoon (Ms)

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