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Important for kids to learn independence

I am heartened to read that several schools here have made it clear that "helicopter parenting" is not acceptable (More schools shoot down 'helicopter parenting'; June 26).

This kind of parenting deprives children of the chance to gain independence and understand the responsibilities that come with it.

In disallowing parents from bringing forgotten things, children will learn how to face up to the consequences and will understand the value of integrity.

Children will learn crucial management skills as well as how to pack their bags efficiently to prepare for school or outings.

This is important, as in adult life, there will not be anyone to spoon-feed or guide them every step of the way.

School is a safe place where children can make mistakes and learn from them without any dire consequences.

The workplace is less forgiving when a worker forgets to bring a report or loses a client's confidential files, for example.

It may be tough for parents to give their children a little space to stumble about, but they will definitely see the benefits as their children mature.

Alexandra Zoe Egan, 15, Secondary 4 student

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