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Importance of racial, religious harmony

I never really thought much about the importance of a country's president until the day United States President Donald Trump took over the reins from his predecessor, Mr Barack Obama (One last wave and it's goodbye to the White House; Jan 22).

The US changed almost overnight by adopting a protectionist approach, among other things.

The ascent of Mr Trump highlights how important it is for a country to be accepting of all races, languages and religions.

Singapore has always prided itself as being a multiracial and multi-cultural country, which I feel is what makes our nation so unique.

We should continue to foster good relationships with neighbours and friends of all races, and continue to respect one another. We should also extend this respect to the tourists who visit Singapore.

We should treasure this peace and harmony and never be complacent by being disrespectful to one another.

Mandy Tan Ru Yi, 14 ,
Secondary 2 student

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