Implement red arrow at all right turns

There are two types of right-turn arrows at traffic junctions in Singapore - one that shows only a green arrow and another that shows both red and green arrows (NUS undergrad dies, 5 injured in accident at Clementi junction; April 21).

I hope that the authorities will consider implementing both the red and green right-turn arrows at all junctions.

At junctions with only green arrows, drivers can take the right turn at any time, regardless of whether the arrow appears, as long as there are no oncoming vehicles.

I have often observed cars inching into the yellow box and hastily turning right or even making a quick U-turn to avoid oncoming vehicles.

This is a cause for concern, especially if the driver behind blindly follows the car in front without checking, or assumes that the green arrow has come on.

I have even encountered instances where drivers at the back get impatient with the front car and start honking.

All these problems can be solved with the implementation of the red arrow, as drivers then are allowed to turn right only when the green arrow appears and the roads are truly clear.

I hope the Land Transport Authority will look at this problem and resolve the inconsistency over right turns at junctions.

It may add a few minutes to our daily drive but it is worth the trouble if we can prevent tragedies from happening.

Raymond Ng Teck Wei

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on April 24, 2018, with the headline 'Implement red arrow at all right turns'. Print Edition | Subscribe