Implement grading system for public toilets

I agree that Singapore's basic public toilet hygiene has gone to the dogs (Filthy toilets a public hygiene concern, by Mr Derek Wee; Oct 7).

We pride ourselves on having a vast number of eating places with integrated toilet facilities.

Some of these places even have gatekeepers who collect a fee before people can enter the toilet.

Yet, these toilets lack the basics - no toilet paper, no liquid hand soap and no hooks for bags or clothes. The toilet is also wet with unimaginable liquids.

These are not just eyesores but also embarrassments.

One wonders about the level of hygiene among the eatery's food handlers.

Two years ago, I suggested that the National Environment Agency adopt a grading system for toilets, similar to the hawker grading system.

Operators of those which repeatedly do not meet a certain standard should be taken to task.

This would cultivate a sense of ownership and prompt outlet operators to maintain a certain standard for their toilets.

Gatekeepers will also have a greater sense of responsibility and motivation to perform their duty.

Anthony Ng Seet Boo

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