IMDA should monitor SingPost's service standards

I agree with Mr Sean Lim Wei Xin (SingPost should focus on mail delivery first; Dec 24, 2018) and Mr Chua Chun Wei (Unhappy with SingPost's service standards; Jan 2).

There have been many complaints about SingPost's falling service standards at my estate.

I have even heard of people ending up with late payment charges because they did not receive their bills.

There are also cases of people receiving memos at their doorsteps stating that "no one was at home", even when they were waiting there for the parcel to be delivered.

When asked, the postmen often tell me that they are understaffed, so quality is compromised in order to complete their increased daily workload.

Complaints to the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) have been met with a similar response, that while it acknowledges the importance of a good and reliable public postal service system, it seeks our understanding that as mail delivery is a labour-intensive business, there may be instances in which mail can be lost or wrongly delivered due to operational reasons on the ground.

I hope IMDA will seriously look into this issue and start monitoring SingPost's service standards to ensure that incidents of lost or wrongly delivered mail are minimised.

Wong Boon Hong

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