ICA deploys staff dynamically where needed

We refer to Ms Wong Siew Yin's letter (Why are our Causeway officials so inefficient?; July 13).

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is committed to efficient immigration clearance.

All our officers, whether deployed at the land, air or sea checkpoints, undergo similar rigorous training.

They are cross-posted across the various checkpoints.

Our officers at the land checkpoints monitor arrival and departure traffic conditions across the different conveyance modes such as cars, buses, lorries and motorcycles.

ICA then makes adjustments to the deployment of officers and resources accordingly.

Given the constraints and to ensure their optimal use, ICA dynamically deploys officers between arrival and departure areas, and uses clearance lanes flexibly in response to traffic conditions.

We also open up more bays and booths during peak hours of travel, and deploy additional officers, where necessary.

Travellers can also play a part.

They can plan ahead and avoid peak hours if possible.

They should observe traffic rules within the checkpoints, maintain lane discipline and follow our officers' guidance, to ensure safe and efficient movements.

Patrick Ong

Head, Public & Internal Communications

Corporate Communications Division

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

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