HSA takes tough stand against false claims by medical device sellers

We thank Mr Samuel Ling Ying Hong for his feedback on the regulation of electrotherapy devices (Tighter regulation on electrotherapy devices; June 20).

Medical devices that are intended to diagnose, treat, monitor or prevent medical conditions and diseases, are regulated by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

Many of the electromagnetic and electrotherapy products in the market, such as those sold by Cosmo Goodness, are meant to promote a person's general well-being and are not medical devices.

Companies selling such devices are not allowed to make medical claims.

HSA has instructed Cosmo Goodness to include a statement in all its literature stating that the devices are not intended to manage or treat any medical condition or symptom.

Anyone who advertises any product as a health product when it is not is liable to be charged under the Health Products Act.

Members of the public are advised to be wary of products which purportedly can produce amazing cures. They are also advised to seek medical advice if they have any medical condition.

Wong Woei Jiuang (Ms)


Medical Devices Branch

Health Products Regulation Group

Health Sciences Authority

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