How WSG, SSG are preparing Singaporeans for jobs of tomorrow

We thank Mr Liu Fook Thim and Mr Kwan Jin Yao for their letters (WSG should look ahead, anticipate skills needed; Dec 3 Unclear picture of reskilling efforts; Dec 5).

Workforce Singapore (WSG) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) take a two-pronged approach to prepare Singaporeans for the jobs of tomorrow.

WSG's Adapt and Grow programmes address the skills gap between job seekers and employers, and help minimise job search mismatches through job search assistance, career counselling and training opportunities.

One way is through the Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs), of which there are more than 100 in over 30 sectors.

PCPs help mid-career professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) reskill for new jobs, and provide wage and training support during training. Last year, PCPs helped move over 3,700 PMETs into new occupations.

The PCP for the pharmaceuticals and biologics industry has benefited over 350 people since 2014, through a comprehensive curriculum and structured on-the-job training.

In info-communications, over 450 PMETs have transited into job roles such as data analysts and digital marketers.

Similarly, the PCP for consumer banking will reskill more than 3,000 PMETs over the next two years to support financial institutions in their digital transformation.

Adapt and Grow helped place 25,000 job seekers into new jobs last year, and another 17,000 in the first half of this year.

Together with sector agencies, industry players, trade associations, unions and educational institutions, SSG develops Skills Frameworks for key sectors as part of the Industry Transformation Maps.

To date, 25 frameworks have been launched. These contain information on job roles, career pathways, and requisite skills and competencies, including emerging skills.

They help Singaporeans identify skills needed to grow their careers.

SSG has also rolled out over 1,000 courses in eight priority and emerging skills areas under the SkillsFuture Series.

There are courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, and in key areas like advanced manufacturing, tech-enabled services and data analytics.

Visit or attend free SkillsFuture Advice workshops to understand schemes available for skills upgrading and career development.

Job seekers can visit or WSG's Careers Connect for comprehensive career matching services. Visit for more information or contact WSG at 6883-5885 / SSG at 6785-5785.

Aaron Lye


Corporate and Marketing Communications Division

Workforce Singapore

Ms Patricia Woo


Corporate and Marketing Communications Division

SkillsFuture Singapore

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