How to spot extremism in foreign maids

We thank Ms Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon for her letter (How to spot signs of radicalisation in maids?; July 8).

The Home Affairs (MHA) and Manpower (MOM) ministries recently produced an advisory for employers of foreign domestic workers (FDWs).

It provides information on what extremism entails, how to recognise it, and how to report suspected cases to the authorities.

The tell-tale signs of extremism include avid reading of radical materials; expressing support for, or desire to join, a terrorist group; or stating intentions to commit terrorist violence or encouraging others to do so. The advisory can be found online at fdw-employer-resources

Employers should talk to their FDWs about the dangers of extremism, and say that Singapore does not condone any form of support for extremist activities.

Firm action will be taken against anyone who engages in such activities while working in Singapore.

MHA and MOM have included the dangers of extremism in the curriculum of the Settling-In Programme which is compulsory for all FDWs.

This is to sensitise them to Singapore's multi-religious social values, and how they can help keep Singapore safe and secure. The authorities will continue to work with the community to ensure Singapore's safety and security.

Every member of society should be alert against potential threats. Anyone who knows or suspects that a person is radicalised should promptly call the ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre hotline on 1800-2626-473.

Sunny Lee

Director, Media Relations

Ministry of Home Affairs

Soffy Hariyanti

Director, Corporate Communications

Ministry of Manpower

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