How regularly should one go for eye screenings?

Elderly people are encouraged to go for eye screenings on a regular basis - once a year or every alternate year - as they are more prone to develop glaucoma and macular degenerative diseases.

I have been going for such screenings regularly for a decade or so, first on a yearly basis and lately every other year.

But at my past two consultations, doctors at the restructured hospitals insisted on discharging me as my past screening results were good.

They told me I needed to be screened only if I developed an eye problem. But wouldn't that be too late?

It is also inconvenient and more costly for me to get a referral for each future consultation if the 24-month open date has lapsed by the time I need to see the doctor.

The Ministry of Health has been encouraging people to be responsible for their health and get screened regularly. Do the ophthalmologists' actions go against MOH's exhortations?

Tan Say Yin (Ms)

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