Hold referendum on proposed political changes

I support editor-at-large Han Fook Kwang's call for a more active citizenry ("Political changes ahead: Don't be bochap; last Sunday).

This is especially so during this critical period when sweeping changes to the political landscape are proposed, perhaps too quickly.

If the proposed changes to the Elected Presidency, Council of Presidential Advisers, and Non-Constituency Members of Parliament are not fully debated in Parliament or not fully understood by the citizens, we risk creating institutions that are unstable and unsound.

Changes to the Elected Presidency and the Council of Presidential Advisers should not be decided by Parliament alone.

It is important to get all Singaporeans involved in this process through a national referendum. It must not be rushed before the presidential election due next year and should be studied carefully. I hope that regular Singaporeans from all walks of life have a part to play in the decision-making process on changes that will have a profound impact on the way the legislature and Elected President operate.

Muhammad Rasyid Abdullah

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