Hold landlords responsible for sleazy activities on premises

An alley in the Adelphi shopping centre.
An alley in the Adelphi shopping centre.ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

I am thankful for the police action to clean up sleazy massage parlours ("Adelphi tenants laud sleaze cleanup"; Tuesday).

That illegal massage parlours could operate at The Adelphi for more than seven years, right under the nose of our Supreme Court and Parliament House, shows the audacity of these operators to challenge our legal system and way of life.

Just closing down the outlets may not be very effective, as they can reopen in another location under another name.

To eradicate this social ill, tougher action is required against these operators, as well as the owners and management of the property.

The building management and landlords cannot claim ignorance. I strongly urge the authorities to consider holding the building management and landlord responsible if their premises have been used for these illegal activities.

In addition, I urge the police and immigration department to tighten their processes of granting massage parlour licences and of allowing visitors who end up as sex workers into our country.

Closer cooperation between the police, building management, property owners and the public will allow us to clean up these sleazy massage parlours and stop them from operating in places frequented by families and children.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan

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