Hold event organiser accountable

The death of World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation president Pradip Subramanian after his muay thai match at the Asia Fighting Championship on Saturday is a tragedy that could have been avoided (Celebrity fight: Shock death raises questions; Sept 25).

It is understood that all fighters went through a medical check-up and signed a declaration form acknowledging the risks involved.

But that is beside the point. That should not absolve the organiser of any responsibility and final accountability.

If a person wants to proceed despite his state of health, allowing it is tantamount to an irresponsible act of omission.

It is almost like standing by to allow something bad to happen.

Bodybuilding is an exhibition sport whereas muay thai is an aggressive contact sport requiring participants to possess tip-top fitness and superlative stamina.

It is basically fighting using arms, fists, elbows, knees and so on.

Sure, having "celebrities" grace an event will serve as a crowd puller, but even actors in action movies train long and hard behind the scenes before filming.

In the name of publicity and ticket sales, a life was lost.

It is time we rethink such antics in our entertainment.

Michael Loh Toon Seng (Dr)

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