Forum: Higher starting salary given to NSmen

The Police National Servicemen Public Order Troop.
The Police National Servicemen Public Order Troop.PHOTO: ST FILE

We thank Mr Yeow Chun Fey for his comments (Boost pay of NSmen starting their first jobs, Oct 3).

National service (NS) is the cornerstone of Singapore's defence and security, and is vital for our continued peace and prosperity.

Recent findings from the Graduate Employment Survey conducted by the polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education show that their graduates starting their first jobs after NS generally receive a higher median monthly starting salary, drawing between $200 and $500 more than those who did not serve NS.

Employers continue to show strong support for NS and recognise the contributions of our operationally ready national servicemen (NSmen).

The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Home Affairs, in collaboration with the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence Employers and Business Council, regularly engage employers on matters related to NS.

Employers are encouraged to recognise the contributions of our NSmen and support them through NS-friendly human resource policies and practices.

The NS Mark accreditation scheme was launched in 2016 to recognise employers who do so.

The NS Mark has been awarded to employers who have supported NS by considering the skills that full-time national servicemen acquire during NS in their hiring process; offering higher starting salaries and additional days of annual leave for NSmen; considering NS performance during in-camp training in job performance appraisals; and promoting a healthy work-life-NS balance to better enable NSmen to fulfil their commitments.

Annually, the Total Defence Awards recognise employers and members of the community for their contributions towards NS.

We thank Singaporeans for their continued support for NS and remain committed to working with employers and the business community to further strengthen recognition of our NSmen.

Adrian Teng (Colonel)

Head, National Service Affairs Department

Ministry of Defence

Rupert Gwee

Director, National Service Affairs Directorate

Ministry of Home Affairs

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