High pay justified if minister does job well

The question is not whether ministers are paid enough (Cut pay for ministers? S'pore will pay price: ESM Goh; Aug 8).

The issue is whether the pay packet given to a particular minister is justified by the effort he puts in to build the nation and look after its people. If the minister is the right person for the job, a high salary is reasonable.

If you look at multinational companies, their chief executive is rewarded if he is able to achieve good yearly growth.

The Singapore Government should give special bonuses or set up a pension fund as compensation to those who are willing to sacrifice the benefits they enjoyed in the corporate world.

Any increment would be based on his performance.

But, money should not be the main attraction to woo the best people to join the Government. They should also have the passion, interest and determination to do the job well.

Ong Ka Hoe

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