High hopes for more with two ministers

With two acting ministers helming the Education Ministry ("MOE to get two new acting ministers"; Sept 29), I hope the responsibilities can be divided between them so that greater focus can be given to weaker or less fortunate students, and to understanding the needs and obstacles students face in their studies.

With this, there can be more concrete changes within the education system, including shifting to a more skills-based form of learning, giving students the chance to pursue their aspirations, and recognising the talents of different youngsters.

Students with physical disabilities can also receive more help. Although schools have been set up for them, these do not receive enough aid to cater to the limitations of such students.

The ministers can and should grant these students more opportunities, as well as financial assistance.

More focus can also be given to tertiary institutions, to promote development and to nurture these students.

We tend to think that after secondary school, students are old enough to take care of themselves. But development has to go on, be it in studies, skills or character.

Teachers can also receive more benefits in the form of greater recognition for character building and effective teaching approaches.

I hope to see continued efforts to improve the education system and nurture the younger generation.

Lee Song Yang, 16, Secondary 4 student

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