'Hiding' sea burial facility will only deepen taboo surrounding death

While the sensitivities of the public should be given due consideration, we should try not to deepen the taboo that already surrounds death by placing the sea burial facility away from public sight because some people are uncomfortable about religious rituals being carried out in the open (Don't put death in the middle of lively beach, by Mr Jason Lim Swee Kay; April 12).

Death is very much a part of life and it is something that happens every day; the obituaries page in the newspapers tells us as much.

The topic of death and the dying process should not be taboo.

People have been encouraged to hold serious discussions of the kind of care they want should they be struck with a terminal illness.

Even people who are relatively healthy should be having such discussions and arrangements made, such as the signing of the Advance Medical Directive and the drawing up of wills.

It is also very important that we support grieving families and make their final send-offs of their loved ones less of a hassle.

Saying that we should not carry out sea burials of our deceased loved ones near beaches where outdoor activities are being carried out smacks of the "not in my backyard" mentality.

Placing death far away from sight is not the best way to approach the matter.

We should instead encourage healthy discussion of death as it will better prepare us to face this inevitable fact of life.

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)

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