Helping seniors get back to work

Ms Lucy Kellaway speaks for her cohort with empathy and observes that motivating 50-somethings who have already tired of the nonsense of corporate life to slog on for another 15 years will be a hard task ("In search of the missing office minority - the over-50s"; May 31).

What can be done to avert this in Singapore, as the re-employment age ceiling here rises to 67?

Some work is good for the physical, mental and social well-being of any individual.

But for the over-50s who have "slogged" for half their lifetime, the idea of doing the same tasks for another 15 years, under a younger superior and probably at a lower pay, may not be encouraging.

Retrenchments among professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) are also at record levels, with most of those laid off being in their 50s.

This is why Reverse Cooperative (Re-Employ Valuable Experienced Retirees to Serve Elders) was formed. As an organisation by seniors to help seniors, we aim to provide meaningful assignments on a part-time and flexi-hour basis for our members. In addition, we plan to offer retrenchment insurance to help the over-50s PMETs bridge the period in between jobs.

John Tan Yew How


Reverse Cooperative

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