Helping ex-offenders secure jobs

We thank Ms Catherine Tai Siew Leng ("Ex-offenders can be assets in nation-building"; Forum Online, Nov 16) and Mr Darren Chan Keng Leong ("Create positive impact in lives of ex-offenders" ; last Tuesday) for their letters.

The Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (Score), a statutory board under the Ministry of Home Affairs, plays an important role in Singapore's correctional system by providing rehabilitation and aftercare services to inmates and former offenders.

Score also helps inmates secure jobs before their release, through skills training and job placement exercises. Upon the former offenders' successful placement, Score's job coaches are assigned to them to address any challenges they might face at work.

We are heartened that more than 4,000 private-sector employers have signed up with Score to offer employment to former offenders.

Last year, 1,865 (about 96 per cent) former offenders assisted by Score secured a job.

We recognise the important role that families play in the re-integration journey of former offenders. A strong family support system helps to reduce re-offending.

The Singapore Prison Service appoints grassroots volunteers as Yellow Ribbon Champions to support and assist families of inmates. Where applicable, these volunteers refer the families to community resources, such as Family Service Centres, Community Development Councils and Social Service Offices, for further assistance.

Ker Yin Horng (Ms)
Director, Care Network Office
Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises

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