Help young singles who move out of parents' home to buy flat

Blocks of HDB flats around Whampoa area.
Blocks of HDB flats around Whampoa area.PHOTO: ST FILE

Any improvements to the process that single unwed parents have to go through for their housing needs will be welcomed and appreciated (HDB to review how it interacts with single unwed parents, Sept 3).

The Housing Board should also look into helping singles whose parents can no longer house them - having downsized to a smaller flat or studio apartment in order to unlock their retirement savings - to access public housing.

This will greatly ease the singles' financial burden as it is costly to rent from the open market before they turn 35 years old, which is when they are eligible to buy public housing. Some may live with friends but others may have no alternative but to spend a large portion of their pay on rent.

Public housing policies have served us well for a long time and generations of Singaporeans have benefited.

But as the family unit and the needs of individuals within families change over time, more may need to be done to ensure that all who need public housing will have access to it.

Lyn Low

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