Help victims, witnesses stop cyber bullying

Although an educative approach has been taken to counter cyber bullying, it is still common in schools (What disciplinary actions can schools take against students who are cyber bullies; ST Online, July 19).

This is due to the fact that cyber bullies can hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen. This makes them difficult to catch.

Moreover, victims or witnesses of cyber bullying tend to not report it, as they fear that the bully will do worse or prey on them next.

Perhaps, in addition to cyber wellness programmes, schools can also teach students to report any cases of cyber bullying to the school, and give them a confidential platform to voice their concerns.

Once, many people in my class witnessed an incident of cyber bullying.

However, no one dared to come forward to expose the bully, as they were all afraid of what he would do to them.

The case was resolved only when the teacher met the witnesses privately.

Everyone plays a part in halting cyber bullying.

It is important not only to take action against the bully, but also to give support to victims and witnesses.

Grace Wong Ray Shian (Miss)

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