Help tissue-paper sellers find other source of income

A man selling tissue paper at an MRT station.
A man selling tissue paper at an MRT station.PHOTO: ST FILE

Nowadays, it is common to be approached by people selling tissue paper at hawker centres, MRT stations, shopping centres and other crowded places. What they are doing is close to begging, as they work on people's sympathy for their physical handicap and old age.

Genuinely needy cases should be helped, and I hope the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) can send its officers to these places to identify and offer help to these needy people.

If necessary, MSF can enlist the help of the public by appointing social ambassadors. They can be volunteers trained and empowered to approach these people, offer help and take them to MSF for help.

Often these tissue sellers are from neighbouring countries. I learnt that some are from Malaysia.

Can MSF do something for them?

Their presence may also give tourists a bad image of our country.

Henry Ong

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