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Help teens develop adventurous spirit

Teenagers are typically seen as rebellious and reckless. Some show their love for thrills by taking part in dangerous activities like extreme skateboarding or parkour (Teen known to perform daring stunts; July 28).

While there is a need to stop reckless behaviour, qualities like risk-taking and a love for novelty are not necessarily undesirable.

In fact, they can help teens to tackle the ever-changing world they live in.

Such qualities enable teens so they are not afraid of failure and dare to step out of their comfort zone to try new things, take on new challenges and explore new solutions to problems.

More should be done to help teens develop these qualities in a safer environment.

Instead of discouraging their children from doing dangerous things on the whole, parents should give them the freedom to take on challenges, such as canoeing and outdoor camping.

Providing a safer outlet can enable teens to develop their adventurous spirit and equip them with skills they require.

Eunice Ang Qiao Ting, 16, Secondary 4 student

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