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Help teen patients feel more comfortable

Adolescence is a time when one searches for identity and independence. It is a stage of life that should be lived to the fullest.

But it is also a time when teenagers are vulnerable to feeling inferior and having a poor self-image when comparing themselves with their peers.

This is especially so for teenagers who are in poor health and need to be in hospital.

Many hospitals in Singapore include adolescents under their paediatric clinic services. However, many aspects of the clinic, such as the decorations, are associated with younger children rather than teenagers.

Hospitals can do more to help their teenage patients feel more comfortable and to show that they are taken into consideration.

One way is through providing healthy snacks that growing young adults can munch on, as well as reading materials appropriate for this age group.

Waiting areas can also be equipped with game consoles, with games catering to both children and teenagers.

These small gestures will definitely make visiting hospitals a more pleasant experience for teenage patients.

Jacelyn Chia Yee Fang (Miss), 19,

third-year polytechnic student


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