Help students with mental illness

Through The Purple Parade, a movement that supports inclusion, and inclusive pre-school Kindle Garden ("Waiting list for inclusive pre-school"; April 1), we can see that Singapore is slowly progressing towards a society that is more accepting of people with disabilities.

We should also consider including people with hidden disabilities, such as mental illness.

Schools provide accessibility features, such as ramps, to help individuals with physical disabilities.

Since mental illness can affect an individual's ability to function, why not have features to accommodate students with mental illness?

The mentally ill may have difficulty in areas of concentration, making decisions and sitting for extended periods of time. They may also experience the side effects of medication.

In the United States, individuals with psychiatric disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodation, as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Singapore can adapt the Western model and have an Act to allow students with mental illness to request the accommodation they need to reach their fullest potential.

Jacelyn Chia Yee Fang (Miss), 19, third-year polytechnic student

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